Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remember Me?

Yeah... I've been scarce around these parts lately. I haven't really had much motivation to blog. I've been too busy to craft due to having estate sales, parties, cleaning the house for said parties/estate sales, caring for a teething baby with a cold, being exhausted because of the latter, etc. Life just seems unblaggable to me at the moment. That and we got the new Apple TV and we synced Netflix with it, so now we can watch things other than 30 Rock. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE 30 Rock, but I have probably seen every episode at least 10 times. Consequently, if you ever play 30 Rock Scene It, you will want me on your team.

Anyways, I did do one craft project over the last couple of weeks. Here's a couple of pics.

I cut out some leaves on my cutter and strung them on some orange yarn. The house needed some festive"ness" added to it and I think this did the trick.

That's all for now. Stay tuned this week when I will post more crafty projects, tell some funny stories (I was going to write one today, but now I can't remember what it was), and show you some of my fave things!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Crinkle Monster

Zoey loves to play with the bag of wipes because of the way it crinkles. She goes crazy for it - as a result, she doesn't have very many real toys. Why waste money when a bag of wipes or a shoebox will keep her busy, right? I saw this tutorial on how to make a crinkly toy and thought it was genius. I took it upon myself to make a different shape though. This is how it turned out. And you can see... Zoey likes it! I wish I had it a couple of months ago though. I have a feeling she is almost out of the "I love playing with the wipes" stage.

Friday, October 1, 2010

2 Fridays Worth of Faves

You don't have to tell me... I haven't blogged as much as I should have the past couple of weeks. I feel as though I've been in a crafting rut. Ever get one of those? I'd sit down at my desk to create and nothing came out. I usually think crafts all the time, but nothing came up last week. Kinda of weird. But don't worry... I'm back with ideas. I even crafted a little bit the past couple of days so I'll post pics in a couple of days. Now for my faves...

1. As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of the band Weezer. They came out with a new album a couple weeks back entitled "Hurley" (as a homage to the character on Lost), and I love it!

2. That Zak actually fell for the old snake in a can of mixed nuts trick... oldest trick in the book. I often leave little gifts for Zak in front of his computer and when I found the mixed nuts in the fancy china cabinet (yeah, classy... I know) I was cleaning out, I couldn't resist. I really didn't think he'd fall for it. As he opened it, he said "How old are these? The can looks ancient". Then, BAM! Snake in the face! Hahahahahaaaa!

3. When my container of glitter exploded on Zoey. She was playing with some of my scrapbooking stuff and I guess the lid wasn't on the glitter very tight because now she looks like a Cullen on a sunny day. You know how it takes FOREVER to get rid of glitter because it sticks to everything! I didn't get a good picture because you had to see her in just the right light.

4. Homemade banana bread. I may or may not have eaten a whole loaf today.

5. Fall weather, minus the rain. Seems as though falls here have been more rainy than the springs. Oh well. This weekend is supposed to be beautiful. Love love LOVE sweater, boots and soup weather.

6. Did I mention my boots yet? It's pretty much the first pair that I've had that I have really loved. Really. I want to wear them all the time, but I don't have all that much they go with. I'm working on it though.

7. Target. When I go there (which is quite often), I can't just run in and run out. It seems as though I always end up spending like an hour or more. I have to look at everything. See what's on sale, see what's new. Not that I always buy stuff, I just have to look at it.

8. This sweater from Gymboree.

9. This hat from Gymboree. I have a gift card to Gymboree and I think I'm going to just buy Zoey hats with it. I went there the other day and I decided that I didn't like this years fall lines. Their winter stuff is a little cuter though.

10. This face.

11. And this one.