Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm on a Roll!

I have been on a crafting roll this week. I've started and finished 4 projects! They were little projects, but still! Now I have so much to blag about! Having a functional craft space has really made a difference.

The project I bring you today is this cute travel wipe case. I was going to do my first tutorial on it, but I was so excited to get it done that I forgot to take pictures. That and it's so easy that I don't think a tutorial is necessary. I'll tell you how I did it though. I've made a few before but I think this is the best one yet (sorry to those who have received one as a gift from me, because this one is probably cuter than the one I made you). So cute that I think I want to use it as a clutch for myself. Just half kidding. Anyways, here is how I made it:

I've used this tutorial in the past, but this time I made some minor changes. These changes include:

1. I used felt instead of batting. Instead of using the measurements, I traced the opened case onto the felt, cut it out and hot glued it onto the case.

2. The fabric can be cut slightly smaller and it's easier if the corners are rounded and the sides contoured like the case. To do this, I just placed the open case onto my fabric and cut around it leaving extra room to wrap around the sides.

And those were the only changes I made.

P.S. Zak was all put out that I didn't post pics of our computer areas (he's quite proud of them), so I'll probably be posting those soon.

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